Friday, 12 February 2016


v1- Motorola Gallery Photo Editor is working Now

v1.1- made for Nexus 5, 5x, 6p Only updated Gallery app and lib files

v2- added media_profiles.xml from Motorola Moto turbo for slow motion (still not working)
      -Motorola Gallery Updated to latest version (530032) with new Lib
      -Priv-app updated
      - no problem while installing cm12/13 theme (now CM user dont have to delete MotoGallery.apk)

v2.1- ImageEncoding quality edited to 100%
       - Enabled WMV and WMA support by default
         [ <VideoDecoderCap name="wmv" enabled="true"/>]
         [ <AudioDecoderCap name="wma" enabled="true"/>]

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